Violet Smith worked inside the Lindbergh home

Many people are of the belief that the kidnapping was an inside job. The kidnapper(s) had to know the layout of the house and the best way to access the baby`s room as well as the routine of the Lindbergh family. Housekeeper Violet Sharp who was from Britain was a suspect for police from the very beginning. It would have been difficult to grab the toddler, keep him quiet and take him down a small ladder. If there were someone handing the baby to you out the window ledge it would be a much easier task, and there would be less a chance of being detected. Violet likely did not act alone so she may have been an accomplice for the actual offender (Fleming, 2010). Forensics would have been difficult to prove in this case as the housekeeper`s finger prints and biological trace evidence should be found throughout the house as she lived there and it would be normal for her to be in the child`s room. Violet contradicted her story about her whereabouts on the night of the kidnapping numerous times when speaking to police. She acted suspicious and nervous every time she spoke with police and prior to her fourth interrogation she committed suicide (FBI, 2010).

John Condon was a retired school teacher who sought an interest in the kidnapping case and put an ad in the paper proclaiming his willingness to help
in anyways possible. He supposedly received a letter from the kidnappers stating that he was to act as the go between with the Lindbergh family. The
letter had the originally circular markings as with the ransom letter so the Lindbergh`s accepted it as legitimate and welcomed Condon into the
investigation. There was a lot of trust placed in Condon considering he had no connection to the family and they had just met. His behaviour was
suspicious to police. When Condon and Lindbergh secretly met with the kidnappers, he did nothing to prevent the kidnappers from getting away.
Condon also received verification from the kidnapper that the baby was alive via the sleeper that the child was last seen wearing. Lindbergh verified
the sleeper but Condon never showed the authorities. The trace evidence and fibres that may have been present on the sleeper may have allowed
police to identify a location and possibly find the child. There was no direct evidence that linked Condon to the case, just his suspicious behaviour and
secrecy, as well as his need to be continuously involved.
John F. Condon


Lindbergh initially believed that organized crime may be responsible for his missing child. He had great authority over the investigation and was often
holding back pieces of information from police that may have helped to establish direction or leads. Lindbergh ignored the evidence from the ransom
letter than indicate a German individual and focused on the mob theory. He spoke with two known mob associates Spitale and Bitz and decided that
they would be the go between for him and the mob. Many known mob associates spoke out agreeing to help in exchange for freedom or cash but
none were accepted (FBI, 2010). This theory was eliminated when police found out as there was no evidence of mob involvement and the
kidnapping was not their mean of conducting business.


Bruno Richard Hauptmann seemed to be the most plausible scenario once police identified him. He was an immigrant from Germany and was in
possession of some of the ransom money. Most of the other evidence could be tied to him in some manner even if the police had to stretch it. The
only motive that was identified was money. He had no connection to the Lindbergh family or to the area in which they lived. No finger prints or trace
evidence could link Hauptmann to the crime. All evidence was circumstantial, not one piece of forensics could prove he committed the crime without
reasonable doubt. Evidence could have been planted or it could have been a coincidence or as the overwhelming evidence shown in court proved –
he did it.


Lindberg seemed to be in control of the investigation for its entirety. He continued to interfere with evidence and the crime scenes tampering with
potential evidence that could have been helpful for police. He withheld crucial evidence and led police in the wrong direction. Police should have
secured the scene as soon as they arrived and removed Lindbergh from the area. It would be expected that his prints would be found in the room but
there were no prints anywhere. The body of the child was found not far from the Lindbergh home. It is possible he hired someone to kidnap the baby
not expecting them to kill him in order to increase his press or maybe he was tired of being a father and wanted to be able to focus on his own career
and stardom.